The 威斯康星大学欧克莱尔分校 cultivates spaces of discovery in every classroom, 实验室, 学生宿舍, 舞台与场地. 在这里, you will uncover new passions in more than 200 academic programs, find a sense of belonging through university housing and campus life events, and feel empowered to transform your future with 美高梅在线登录网址's scholarships and financial aid opportunities.

Choosing to further your education is one of the biggest decisions — and investments — you can make. 在这里, your decision to advance your education will leap off the page. You’ll be encouraged to push boundaries and test limits. You’ll rewrite the written, achieve the unthinkable and invent the unimaginable. You’ll learn that 当 we have compassion for others, 拥抱我们的差异,像一个团队一样工作, we’re a force to be reckoned with — anything is possible.


I knew that 美高梅在线登录网址 had a lot of undergraduate research opportunities, 但我没想到会离开这个州, 更不用说欧洲大陆了, 对于这些项目.

追菲永 生态与环境生物学


Your opportunities abound in 美高梅在线登录网址’s diverse undergraduate and graduate programs. 在这里, you’ll be at the center of collaborative classrooms, 令人兴奋的研究创新, 有意义的同行和专业网络, 以及改变世界的想法. 从各种学术课程中进行选择, 包括专业, 研究生学位, 未成年人, certificates and pre-professional programs that equip you to hone your interests and prepare for a thriving career.

  • 本科专业 & 未成年人 探索实地经验, 师生的研究, study abroad programs and in-demand career paths associated with 美高梅在线登录网址’s 200+ majors, 未成年人, 证书和课程.
  • 研究生课程 Excel in your profession by advancing your expertise with a master’s degree, 博士学位或研究生证书.
  • 提升你的学习水平 Take your learning to the next level with experiential learning opportunities from the classroom to research labs, from internships to service-learning projects, and from Eau Claire to study abroad and cultural immersion opportunities around the world.
  • 探索我们的虚拟旅程

    A view of Schofield Hall, a brick building, across the river with the sun setting in vibrant colors


    在威斯康星大学欧克莱尔分校, you will be motivated and empowered to seize fresh opportunities, serve diverse communities and drive collaborative innovation. 在教师导师的支持下, perspective-shifting同行, and admissions and financial aid counselors, 你将开启一个大胆的未来. Even better: your ambitions will be in reach with 美高梅在线登录网址’s affordable tuition and financial aid, 助学金及奖学金申请. 

  • 参观威斯康星大学欧克莱尔分校 We offer many ways to explore the UW-Eau克莱尔 campus! Choose from a variety of in-person and virtual visit options or connect with our 招生 team directly.
  • 申请入学 When you're ready to take your first step toward a transformative education, review our step-by-step guidelines for first-year, 转移, 国际, 研究生和成人学习者.
  • 学费 & 费用 通过在美高梅在线登录网址学习, you’ll access top-ranked learning opportunities at a competitive and affordable price. And, if you are a Wisconsin or Minnesota resident, you’ll be eligible for lower tuition rates.
  • 我上得起大学吗? 除了美高梅在线登录网址负担得起的学费, you can complete the FAFSA by March 15 and apply for a variety of scholarships, 奖助金, 贷款和勤工俭学的机会.
  • 威斯康星大学欧克莱尔分校是






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    in 2023



    The 威斯康星大学欧克莱尔分校 is more than a campus: it’s a community of curious minds, change-seeking冒险家, 有竞争力的运动员, 专用的领导人, 有思想的朋友和有野心的人. 作为一个Blugold, you'll feel at home as you find your favorite study spots, 与学生组织联系, learn where the best food is in town and so much more.

  • 住宿和餐饮 When you live in a 学生宿舍 community on campus, 你会找到领导的机会, 社会事业, plenty of amenities and a broad variety of dining options.
  • 参与 在校园里和你的邻居之间, 你可以领导, serve and build community through student organizations, 希腊的生活, 文化沉浸和学生会.
  • 去Blugolds Cheer hard for the 25 DIII Blugold teams on the field, court, ice, track, course, pool and beyond. 他们赢得了166个分区冠军!
  • 新型冠状病毒肺炎更新 Your health and safety on campus is a top priority at 美高梅在线登录网址. Review campus masking and vaccination guidelines along with the latest updates from local health departments.
  • 只有在欧克莱尔


    UW-Eau克莱尔 & 梅奥诊所卫生系统

    美高梅在线登录网址 is proud to have a research collaboration with 梅奥诊所卫生系统. This work is focused on achieving excellence in community health care in Northwest Wisconsin, offering unmatched internship and research experiences for Blugolds.

    group of medical providers in full scrubs, simulation of code blue


    UW-Eau克莱尔 has completed three academic years of Blugold Biomedical Innovators program. Hear from three recipients of this one-of-a-kind research scholarship on their unique experiences.



    在威斯康星大学欧克莱尔分校, it’s not a matter of if you’ll change the world but . Many Blugolds take part in research and creative projects during their time on campus — and those findings have the power to immediately impact the world around us. See how Blugolds are leading the way in innovation.

    Students walking to enter the city bus on campus


    A main student-driven sustainability effort for the 2023-24 academic year is a new online orientation that walks new students through key efforts in dining, transportation and waste reduction at UW-Eau克莱尔.


    Graphic design major wins 国际 short film contest

    Miguel Barrios did not have to look far to find the inspiration for a 美高梅在线登录网址 video art class project that he turned into an 国际 award-winning short film, “我的母亲, 我的英雄”.


    Working to solve Wisconsin's freshwater challenges

    美高梅在线登录网址收到207美元,882 to expand Freshwater Collaborative projects, giving high school students and Blugolds the chance to research and address the state’s biggest water challenges.